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17 December 2006 @ 09:39 pm
...are weird.

Studying is no fun. Not ever, but especially not right now. I'm tired. I don't care about Language and the Mind or International Politics (although I feel really good about that) nor Medieval World and I just wanna go curl up with a book and relax.

Matt is in North Carolina. Can't get a hold of him. Probably better since long distance is not cheap and I've been really good with my phone lately.

Being at Jenny's house is nice, although kind of lonely. It's good having puppy here. Although he's a totally bizare creature. Tried to eat my gumbo. I was upset. All ended well and we bonded over Ocean's Twelve.

I got depressed about school and a little about life in general (not really being all that prayerful abotu it). Sitting in the den, listening to my I-Pod, going over L&M notes, and what comes on but "Honestly" by Cary Brothers. The song of about 8 months ago, post The Promise. Got this flash of a silver car and the line of stupidity that it seems I walk frequently. So I called the source. We talked. It was, as always, wonderful. I no longer felt gritchy, but a titch guilty (though I'm not sure I should've) because I was smiling so much. Nostalgia is, to be rough, a pain in the ass. I'm over it. You know? Like, seriously truly over it. But why doesn't that mean everything else goes away? I still have trouble with certain things. I mean, listening to the Beatles doesn't bother me any more (even Rubber Soul)-- which is shocking, really. But why not this thing?

I think it's probably because it meant more, and didn't end the right way. There was no clean break, no animosity. Just a slow release. The sort of thing you sigh to yourself and say you'll never get over. Until you do. Only, I remember it. I wish I didn't. It's not something I enjoy. But the friendship is there, and that I do enjoy a great deal.

Two finals tomorrow. I dont' know if I'm prepapred. I'm not sure I care. I'm going to go over some more L&M, re-go over the IP essay notes, then fall asleep to my "Ryan Adams's slow songs" play list. Bright and early, the torment begins. But Tuesday at noon it'll all be over. Thank the Lord.

Things are wonky for everyone right now. I'm praying for you guys.

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Current Music: Perfect Memory, Remy Zero (I did not plan that)
Kevinokitaduo on December 18th, 2006 08:19 am (UTC)
I dunno if you know about this but www.skype.com is good.